Legend Clues

See if you can free the sword using clues entwined into the legend:

When it appeared, the old wizard said, “Whoso can draw this Sword from the Stone is fit to lead us.”

When none could master it, the people despaired.

Soon, the brutal oppressed the civil, and battled each other for supreme power.

“Only through this Sword will the end of these evils come to pass,” declared the wizard.

One day the good wizard happened to see a youth pull the Sword loose. He cautioned him to put it back in until witnesses were summoned.

“This is the beginning to the end of our troubles,” proclaimed the wizard.

Before witnesses now, the youth again drew the Sword out. All who saw, submitted to its authority. The youth was installed in the royal castle with royal retinue.

Since the ancestry of the youth was not of this tribe, the envious struggles and oppression continued.

To end these evils, the youth summoned the bravest and truest to his court. He then instructed them in the proper uses of governmental power.

“He is fit to lead who maketh others fit to lead,” said the wizard.

On those who by trial and ordeal proved fit and trusty, using the Sword, the new King conferred noble knighthood.

In this way, the youth was able to enter into the tribe, and emerge as high king.

With his ennobled knights, he shared a Round Table, at which a chair, reserved for the best, remained empty. Thus, through the Sword, the long era of envious struggle passed, as foretold.

Having freed the mightiest from the cycle of usurpation, the youthful king quested with the sword and his knights to the farthest reaches of his realm. There, entering boldly, he released the oppressed from bondage. In this way, through the Sword as foretold, the cycle of oppression passed and the people were free.

It was what the youth would do with the Sword after he got control of it that made him fit to draw it forth and lead. He used the Sword, the powers of government, to ennoble and free the people.

What you do with the Sword in this puzzle after you get hold of it, will free it likewise.

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